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5 Activists Who Received Standing Ovations at TED2023

"2023’s ‘Possibility’-themed TED conference was full of awe-inspiring moments. From good news reports, climate innovations, and artificial intelligence for good — to vulnerable conversations about death, mental health, and human rights — attendees were left ready to take their marching orders to fill the world with more good."

Sheena Featured on NPR's TED Radio Hour

On Friday, June 30, 2023, Sheena Meade was featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour as the first installment in the show’s Audacious Solutions episodes.

After Sheena bounced a check two decades ago, she was arrested — and that record has followed her for years. Now, through The Clean Slate Initiative, she's turned her pain into purpose and leads the fight to help millions get their records cleared.

Tune in to this NPR segment to hear Sheena’s story and learn more about how CSI’s Audacious commitment is helping to cut the red tape and clear records for up to 14 million people in America.

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